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Men's Basketball
Boys/Girls AAU
Boys/Girls Summer
Women's Basketball
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Basketball LeaguesInformation and Registration
Girls Youth Basketball Summer 2014Girls Youth Basketball 3rd and 4th Grade
Girls Youth Basketball 5th and 6th Grade
Girls Youth Basketball 7th and 8th Grade
Girls Youth Basketball Junior Varsity
Girls Youth Basketball Varsity

Boys Youth Basketball Summer 2014Boys Youth Basketball 3rd and 4th Grade
Boys Youth Basketball 5th and 6th Grade
Boys Youth Basketball 7th and 8th Grade
Boys Youth Basketball Junior Varsity
Boys Youth Basketball High School Varsity

Women's College Basketball Summer 2014Women's College Basketball League 
Men's Basketball Summer 2014Men's A League
 Men's B-1 League 
Men's B-2 League
Men's C-1 League
Men's C-2 League
Men's C-3 League
Men's C-4 League


Entire fee is due before team's second game - if not, team does not play.

Score Keeping Guidelines - Team scheduled to score, doesn't show up: $15 per game fine,
start next game with two technicals.
Threats to Officials - Police action and never walk in SportsZone again.

Technical Fouls for swearing ( anything that our grandmother would consider a swear, don't guess), 
any criticism of a call, etc. SportsZone promotes a family environment, we appreciate your respect 
of our wishes.
Only the team captain may speak to an official or management about game related issues. 
Play the Game - This is not the place to argue about the referees' calls, it is not the NBA, and you 
will not see the highlights on SportsCenter. Refs are here for fun too, everyone has to work the next 
Player with 2 T's in a game - must leave the facility immediately, suspended for the following 
game. Two game suspensions result in ejection from league.

Team with 7 game technicals in a season (not administrative technicals) - eliminated from playoffs.

Team captain is responsible for collecting money and submitting it to management. 
Only rostered players allowed on court and bench area.