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Weekly Newsfeed!

Week of 7/16:

Monday night men's basketball continues, with "Black N' Milds" going against the undefeated "Retirees." Also, don't miss the 7pm matchup between two reigning champions from last session: "Celtics" vs. "Medicus

Our adult coed soccer session continues on Thursday (7/19), with kickoffs beginning at 6 pm. "Net Six and Chill" has reached the 100 goal mark in only 9 games! They are the current point leaders, and go against "It's Called Football," who are fifth overall in the playoff hunt!

2018 D Spring League Champs-Celtics

2018 C-1 Spring League Champs-Pleasant Park

2018 C-2 Spring League Champs-Medicus

2018 A League Spring Champs-Huskies


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